Gamers, artists, scientists and engineers converge in the name of a 3D education

The work of artists, architects, scientists, engineers and gamers are not usually associated with one another, but that’s set to change as specialists from these disparate groups unite through their work in advanced 3D visualisation and digital graphics techniques at the inaugural Mosaic3DX conference and exhibition.

Mosaic3DX plans to bring users and developers of these technologies from the Entertainments, Science/Engineering, and Arts & Design industries to exchange knowledge and skills, whether it’s architects creating state-of-the-art modelling, medical innovators visualising robotic surgery, engineers predicting multi-phase flows or digital artists unlocking new perspectives on whatever spills out of their imaginations.

The event covers many subjects related to 3D graphics ranging from graphics hardware design all the way to the use of specialised applications capable of taking advantage of such features in both desktop and mobile devices. To provide a focus to discussions and to make sure the event tackles real world problems, each year Mosaic3DX will have an underlying theme, which this year is Education. The aim is to provide a better understanding of how the Visualisation and Digital Graphics technologies available today can help improve or evolve Education at all levels.

Highlights at the inaugural event that takes place on 30th and 31st of October include the second meeting of the standards body, Khronos Group’s UK chapter, led by Samsung R&D Institute UK, Unity 3D workshop and an Education panel that will debate the question: “Specialists or all-rounders: What sort of school leavers do we need?”

Although in its first year, with speakers from universities such as Imperial College London, Cambridge, Cranfield as well as innovative startups and major corporates (Microsoft Research, Nvidia, MathWorks, Samsung, Undo Software, Geomerics, Liquid3D Solutions), Mosaic3DX already has a world class lineup and the potential to become one of Europe’s most respected multidisciplinary events in modern computing and graphics.

Event organiser and leader of Cambridge Games Creators, Ramin Zaghi, said: “I think that as computing power increases and software gains more complexity and importance across all industries, it becomes increasingly difficult for computer experts alone to harness the power of modern machines.

“Taking advantage of this increasing power of technology becomes a multidisciplinary role requiring experts in other industries to understand not just what machines are capable of doing but also exactly how computing can be put into use for the benefit of their specific sectors. This means educating everyone with the latest technological developments. Mosaic3DX is an event where one can learn a great deal within a short amount of time – and I am excited to be part of it.”