Khronos UK Chapter* meeting at Mosaic3DX 2013, Lead by Samsung R&D Institute UK

Please read the joint announcement on the official Khronos website at

Lead by Samsung R&D Institute UK, and hosted at Mosaic3DX 2013, the international standards body, Khronos Group, will meet in Cambridge on Thursday 31st Oct. This event is one of the free sessions offered by the Mosaic3DX conference and exhibition this year. You can register for this free session through our registration page at:

The following is a joint announcement by the Mosaic3DX team and the Khronos UK Chapter:

The Khronos UK Chapter* is a group of the UK’s Khronos API users enabling them to get together and expand understanding of the APIs, discuss ideas to improve them, and share technical achievements in the graphics/multimedia/compute domains.

At Mosaic3DX this year, we would like to hear about your experiences developing games using APIs such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenCL and thoughts on what you’d want to see in future versions. Expect some interesting presentations and a heated discussion!

If you have a demo that you would like to show off at this session, please drop an email to the Khronos UK Chapter leaders, Samsung R&D Institute UK at

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

* Khronos Group is an international not-for-profit industry consortium formed of companies such as Samsung Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nvidia, etc. focused on the creation of open standards such as OpenGL for accelerating playback of multimedia contents on all forms of modern digital devices.
* The UK Chapter is a recently formed subgroup of the Khronos Group focusing on the users within the UK.

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