SOLD OUT: Mosaic3DX 2013 has sold out.

The Mosaic3DX team are delighted to announce today that the event – consisting of a free and a main track – has sold out, one week before the doors open. For the past few days, close partners and the more enthusiastic audience were following the event’s live feed on Twitter (@Mosaic3DX - The sales of the last place was first announced on Twitter today.

This marks the birth of a new annual event based in Cambridge which attracts professionals in sectors ranging from Science/Medical, to Engineering, Software Development, Arts and Interactive Entertainment. The event is already bringing dozens of attendees from across the UK and other countries in Europe; and hopes to extend its reach further out to the European and worldwide audience over the coming years.

A Nobel Prize goes to Computational Chemistry, and with it Mosaic3DX gets a new edge as it focuses on Computational Science.

Today, the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the development of computational models for complex chemical systems. We are glad, for this helps highlight the importance of computation in science, one of the subjects on which our event focuses – and for those of you who may not be familiar, graphics processing units (GPUs), the devices that first helped create better visuals for video games are the very same devices being used today to accelerate the processing of computational models for scientists and engineers; just as they help create the next generation of stunning visual effects in films!

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Unity3D at Mosaic3DX 2013

Please join us in welcoming Unity Technologies (Unity3D) to Mosaic3DX 2013.

We are glad to announce today that Unity Technologies, the company behind Unity3D, one of the gaming and simulation industry’s most popular authoring applications, will be joining us for a presentation.

This will be a talk about advanced tips and tricks in using Unity3D following our introductory session on the application. If you haven’t already seen the early access version of the conference programme:


Aardvark Swift partnership announcement

The Mosaic3DX team is glad to announce that Aardvark Swift, a market leading, specialist recruitment consultancy for the Video Game and Mobile Entertainment market, has reached a partnership agreement with us to work together on making Mosaic3DX an even better event. Aardvark Swift has also been granted the financial rights to sales of tickets and exhibition space at Mosaic3DX 2013.